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xTool F1 Jig For Wine Corks

xTool F1 Jig For Wine Corks

I saw on the xTool F1 forum where someone had been engraving these cool wine stoppers  made of cork.   I ordered a boat load of them and then manufactured a jig that fits in the removable bottom plate area of the xTool F1 laser.

xTool F1
 Wine Stopper Jig

While I made this on a CNC machine it could just as easily be made with either a 3D printer (if you possess those skills) or with a laser.  I have included (later in the post) a Vectric CRV file for making the jig.  (Vectric is a CNC file). Also included in the zip file is an SVG vector image with the proper dimensions for cutting out with a laser, and finally an XCS file for engraving the tops.  

Bear in mind that if you use the XCS file you MUST manufacture the jig from either the Vectric CRV file or the SVG image file. 

The downloadable SVG file which contains the perimeter is a 109mm x 109mm rectangle with a 6 degree radius in the corners.

The 9 pockets are 19.3mm in diameter and are spaced 36mm apart. (All designed in Lightburn).

The wood thickness I had was 3/4″ pine and the pocket depths are 12mm deep.  This fits the wine stoppers perfectly.

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Purchasing Laser Engraver Accessories

Purchasing Laser Engraver Accessories

So you went out and bought a laser to make money in the side hustle game. There are certainly laser engraver accessories that you need, such as an air assist or an extension kit but there are a lot of accessories that you don’t need.

Think about this. You are on a laser forum and someone puts a picture of a jig that can laser multiple widgets at one time. Those widgets could be, pens, pencils, bottle openers, wine corks, business cards, etc.

I just want you to give some thought to this:

  • If you have never laser engraved a keychain bottle opener
  • If no one has ever asked you to laser engrave a keychain bottle opener
  • If you have never received an order to do keychain bottle openers


It really kind of twists my shorts to see people selling SIMPLE templates and jigs to the new laser operator. Part of being a laser operator and small business person is learning your machine. Learning its capabilities. And streamlining your operations for efficiencies sake. Time is money, right?

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Algolaser, A Deeper Dive

I’ve had my Algolaser Alpha for a few weeks now.  I was provided the Alpha prior to the official USA release of this very intriguing laser.  I did an initial impressions review here.  Since that time I’ve gained some more experience with the machine.

Since my review the Algolaser Alpha has been officially released in the US and is available to purchase for $799.  My readers can purchase the Algolaser Alpha  here.  This is an affiliate link and helps support my blog.

I feel really fortunate to have been among the first to have gotten my hands on one and my initial impressions were very positive.  This laser has a lot of features, not to mention a lot of power.


The founder of Algolaser is also the original founder of Ortur.   That person has left the Ortur board, and is moving in a different direction.  I personally like the direction.

It should be noted that I am not a fan of the Ortur Laser Master 3.  Not at all.  It should also be noted that I loved the Laser Maser 2 and the Ortur Aufero 2.

Finally, it should be for sure noted that I LOVE the Alpha.   Let’s get into why.

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