About This Site

The Desktop Laser Engraver is a relatively new phenomenon. They hit the mainstream scene around 2019 and early 2020. Prior to that it was mostly a DIY project for geeks. Even before 2019 the venerable K40 Laser from China was available to purchase. That’s where I cut my teeth. 

I guess that makes me a Laser “OG”. 

On this blog you’ll most likely see me discussing and reviewing laser engravers and accessories, but what you won’t see is Open Box videos, assembly videos, or me cutting and pasting specifications from a manufacturer’s website. I like to take gear and find out what’s good and what’s bad about it and then write about it in plain English with a twist of humor.

I also have some strong feelings about running a home laser business with only one machine, no spare parts, and limited technical or maintenance skills.

Please recite the Laser OG credo:

  • I will not leave the room while using the laser, not even for a minute.
  • I will not curse the manufacturer when I break the machine.
  • I will not say I cleaned the lens regularly when I didn’t.
  • I will not start a business and then complain that my only machine is broken and “I have orders to fulfill”.