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Algolaser Alpha MK2 Laser Engraver Review

Algolaser Alpha MK2
 Algolaser Alpha MK2

Around July of 2023 a new startup laser company, Algolaser provided me their first offering.  The machine was the  Algolaser Alpha which I subsequently reviewed here.  Algolaser, while technically a new brand, was founded by the originator of Ortur Laser.   Ortur was pretty much the first commercial seller of desktop diode laser engravers starting sales around 2019.  Graciously, they have just provided me one of their pre-release machines, the Algolaser Alpha MK2($599 initial offering) to shake down.

Currently, my readers are also provided a mid year sale coupon code for the month of June for an additional $20 off.  The code is YTB$20 and it can be applied during check out. 

While the machines look very similar, the Alpha MK2 is slightly longer and contains a very nice touch screen on the front console.

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